Mobile Protection against malware attacks, traffic manipulations and interception

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Zerox protecting your workstations against Zero Days Attacks

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Powerful Multi-layered Security

Developed by leading experts in the field, MERCURY secures information, for individuals and organizations, with multiple layers of smart security … safeguarding the entire mobile environment – mobile device, network connectivity, and communications – from WITHIN.

Impenetrable Device

Protects your device against malware attacks and unauthorized access in case of loss or theft

Verified Connectivity

Connection only to authorized networks and servers, eliminating the risk of network manipulations or tactical interception

Secure Communications

Implement peer-to-peer encryption controlled by the user

The Mercury Advantage

MERCURY has you covered – from every direction and from any type of threat, no matter how persistent, or by whom – including malware attacks, Physical Extraction, Interception & Traffic Manipulation.


BYOD/CYOD Compliant

By effectively securing any device via smart software, MERCURY enables both private and organizational use of a single phone of your choice, making a dedicated – and clearly recognizable – device unnecessary.


Open Garden Approach

Providing total protection – without constraints on the user experience or mobile functionality – MERCURY enables you to enjoy ‘business as usual’ within an environment of unprecedented safety.


Server-Less Architecture

In order to reduce attack surface and remove trust issues, MERCURY includes secure peer-to-peer communications with no server required. Thus no single point stores all the encryption keys, and no one except the communicating parties can decipher the content – not even the device or communications provider.



The first-of-its-kind, device-independent software, integrated into the device’s OS, seamlessly delivers powerful, invisible, all-encompassing security against all in-coming threats. MERCURY can be installed on any iOS or Android device.


Advanced Exploit Detection and Prevention

Securing enterprise’s Windows endpoints, protecting devices from malicious agents such as viruses, worms, trojans and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s).

Zero-days Exploits

Zero-day Prevention – addressing the unknown and known vulnerabilities and blocking

Malware Analysis

Exploit’s code Capturing to support malware analysis. Forensics Support – captures the malware and the utilized exploits and unravels vulnerabilities

Readable Source

Turning captured exploit into readable source code.

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The ZEROX Advantage

Advanced Exploit Detection and Prevention

Zero-day Prevention

addressing the unknown and known vulnerabilities.

Forensics Support

captures the malware and the utilized exploits and unravels vulnerabilities.

No Performance Impact

does not conduct scans etc., thus it does not require system resources (memory, CPU etc.).

Simple Integration

Integration with 3rd Party Solutions – operates alongside other anti-malware solutions and SIEM solutions

Why Zerox?

Zero-day Prevention – addressing the unknown and known vulnerabilities and blocking

About Inpedio

Inpedio is led by a team of cyber veterans with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in mobile and endpoint security and cyber-attack methods. Inpedio provides cutting-edge cyber solutions to government and private sector customers around the world.

Management Team

Avi Rubinstein

Avi Rubinstein

Co-Founder, CEO

Avi founded Inpedio after serving as Co-founder and CEO in number of vendors, including Co-founder of Ectel,  GM Ectel US Inc., leading the Ectel’s IPO in Nasdaq in 1999, Co-founder of StorWiz in 2004 (acquired by IBM in 2010), Co-founder and CEO of VideoCodes in 2004 (acquired by Thompson in 2008)

Prior to Inpedio, Avi participated in 2014/2015 in the turn-around of Nice Intelligence division (Ticker NICE) into a Cyber player, acquired by Elbit in 2015

Avi serves as advisory board member in Safe-T (DMZ-protection and Intellectual Property) and CyberX (Cyber defense for Critical infrastructure)

Rotem Farkash

Rotem Farkash

Co-Founder, CTO and VP R&D

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Rotem is leading INPEDIO Software KFT, its R&D subsidiary and serves as a INPEDIO B.V.’s CTO. Rotem directs, manages & leads all aspects of R&D that drives the feature set of INPEDIO’s market leading solutions. Rotem is an internationally recognized innovative subject matter expert in cyber intelligence & cyber security and brings to the company a wealth of the world leading expertise in software development, mobile applications & OS (both iOS and Android) as well as information security methodologies. Prior to founding INPEDIO, Rotem served as a Co-founder and CTO of Cycept, an innovative cyber security start-up providing solutions to financial institutions, enterprises and government organizations.

Elias Chachak

Elias Chachak

VP Business Development

Elias served as Strategy consultant helping management teams of Hi-Tech vendors in leading and executing Turn-around strategies, build product strategy and  Go-To-Market plans. Among his customers are Amdocs, Nice, Cyberbit, NextNine, Adallom, CyberX and Atrinet.

Prior to that , Elias served as VP Marketing and Business development in leading vendors as ECtel, cVidya and Incentives Solutions.

Elias holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from HTS-Amsterdam (Netherlands) and an Executive MBA from the Northwestern University – Kellogg faculty (Chicago, USA) and Tel-Aviv University (Israel)

Gilad Levi

Gilad Levi


With more than 16 years of international sales experience, Gilad leads Inpedio International Sales in EMEA, LATAM and APAC. He brings Proven Results and Extensive Expertise in Security and HLS sales from various regions including Europe, Africa and Latin America. Prior to Inpedio he held positions of Sales in various companies, including Elta Ltd. (IAI Daughter Company), Nice Systems and Cyberbit (Elbit Daughter Company).

Gilad holds an MBA together with a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics.

Jonathan Livneh

Jonathan Livneh

VP Product

Bio Jonathan

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