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Advanced Windows Intrustions

Zerox is an innovative solution for detection and real-time prevention of malicious agents on an enterprise’s Windows endpoints. Zerox's traps capture known and unknown threats and provide valuable information for forensics analysis and incident response.

Mobile Threats

Mercury is providing a multi-layer mobile threat defense, protecting your device, your traffic, data and accounts on the device and the cloud.

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Introducing Mercury

Stop intrusions on their tracks

An independent security layer to enable secure communications between Mercury clients. Using the S-Phone independent app, End-to-End encryption is used between the two parties for VOIP calls and SMS texts.

Allowing you and your employees to use your own smartphones. Mercury secures iOS and Android devices without affecting or limiting user experience.
Hardened-phone security without the hassle.

The solution prevents the network based attack methods by implementing additional verification:

TLS/SSL verification: the solution adds additional security mechanism for certificate (CA) management. The system ‘pins’ certificates to websites and servers and thus prevents Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks.

DNS poisoning detection: Many attacks employ re-direction techniques based on altering DNS responses. The solution examines DNS responses, thus preventing such an attack.

TCP injection prevention: The solution verifies the integrity of the TCP communications, preventing attackers to inject packets into an existing connection.

The solution verifies that the device connects only to recognized and authorized networks.

Rogue Wi-Fi hotspot detection: Mercury’s Wi-Fi fingerprinting module ensures any Wi-Fi network you connect to is secured and safe.

Mobile interception detection: The solution detects abnormalities in behavior of the mobile network and notifies the user of any suspicious behavior detected with countermeasures to take.

Allowing you and your to use your own smartphones. Mercury secures iOS and Android devices without affecting the user experience.

What are we protecting?

in app scale

In-app protection

Mercury 'Secure+' module wraps your favorite apps with additional security layers so you can enjoy the same functionality, with an added air-tight security.

data at rest scale

Data at rest

Prevent attackers from extracting your sensitive, private and professional data stored on the device. Unlike other MTD products which will detect the attack, Mercury will prevent the attack.

data at transit

Data in transit

Communications are fully protected with S-Phone communication infrastructure. Any call or text message within the organization is encrypted to the highest encryption standards.

Mercury is a powerful solution, designed by our experts, to provide the highest level of mobile security, while allowing the best mobile experience for the user. Multiple layers of smart security are weaved into the OS, starting from the device itself, through the connectivity and network layer, to the communication layer. Developed with an “open garden” approach in mind, allowing BYOD together with highest levels of security.


S-Phone, Inpedio's secure communication app, is designed for organizations that understand the scope of nowadays threats, and want to make sure that their internal mobile communications is fully secured and to control their traffic.
Secure encrypted SMS
E2E Encrypted VOIP

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